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A recording facility owned and operated by sound engineers and music lovers. For years Miami has been known for its nightlife and beaches but did you know it is also a central hub for the recording industry. For over a decade this hidden gem was unavailable to the public… but not anymore.

In 2015 Bay Eight was reopened under new management to the public. Their goal, to create A recording studio designed to inspire all artists.

Miami's best kept secret

Oftentimes, bigger is not always better. Our thoughtfully designed rooms come with all the studio essentials. The vibrancy at Bay Eight is unmistakably Miami. From the colors to the freshly made cafecito, There is no wonder why our clients say we are the best recording studios in Miami. Whether you’re with us for a quick session or locking us out for weeks Bay Eight encourages all of our clients to explore every corner of our facility and tap into their most creative selves.

Be the first to enjoy your privacy in our incredible Miami facility. There is no difference in quality when renting our studios. All three of our rooms are equipped with the same powerful computers and plugins. The only difference is the size, and design of the room.

At Bay Eight, we offer three killer studios priced to fit any budget, from independents, major labels, and corporations alike. Bay Eight is the greatest Miami recording studio for you to record at.


Choose one of our elegant recording suites.

Key Features

Our largest and most accurate listening room. Studio A has large custom speakers soffit mounted in-wall, SSL console, and our largest selection of outboard gear such as mic preamps and compressors. Studio A is the best and most equipped room for recording and mixing.

Key Features

Studio B is one tier down in size from the A room. Equipped with Barefoot MM27 mastering grade speakers and a matched pair of Genelec 12″ subwoofers. Studio B is a high-quality studio equipped with the same powerful equipment as the A room.

Key Features

Our smallest room with the least amount of outboard gear. Studio C. It is very popular for recording vocals if the recording artist likes to be more hands-on with the engineer. It is also called a vocal suite that can be used for voice-overs and recordings for film/TV.